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After some advice by an old acquaintance I met at a party in Cologne some years ago, Lucas and Johanna joined us on the terrace of ‘Das Vogelhaus’ in Konstanz, Germany. They saw Ziggy, asked what we were doing, one thing led to another and before we knew it we were at PBH (Park Blumenhaus), a shared house that also could be a museum. 

Ziggy was placed in the shack and the three of us jumped in the Bodensee. Together we looked at the snow capped mountains of the Alps. Chicken skin because of the refreshing but chilling dive and, of course, because of the sheer magnificence of the silent giants in the far distance. The milky sky fell into the lake and the mirror-like lake rose high above the horizon. Lucas and Johanna, wonderful people who radiate wanderlust and fernweh if you ask me – two beautiful German words also, looked, if I saw it correctly, with an almost tangible longing towards the white pikes and steep ridges. 

What we learned through Lucas and Johanna:

  • Mountains can or cannot take you in. They can even talk and sing to you, as long as you listen carefully.
  • The quality of your bike doesn’t matter. Anything, even your feet, will get you there eventually.